Bringing Home Your CPAP: Find the Perfect Spot

You’ve gone through the sleep studies and met with your sleep specialist to be fitted for your CPAP mask. Now it’s time to bring home your new equipment. But what’s the best spot in your bedroom for your CPAP? And what are some considerations to keep in mind if your CPAP has a humidifier?

Take a few minutes to ponder these factors to find the right spot for your CPAP – it may help you to be more comfortable, stay adherent and extend the life of your CPAP unit.

Assess Air Flow

Your CPAP unit draws in air to maintain the positive air pressure needed to prevent sleep apnea. That’s why is should be placed in a location with good air flow, said Richie Griffin, vice president, Griffin Home Health Care, a medical equipment company in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The unit should be kept at least 6 inches from the wall and other items such as photos and decorations to promote good air flow around the machine.

It’s tempting to place the CPAP in front of an open window so it draws in fresh air. But if you have seasonal allergies, outside air may increase symptoms.

Level it Out

Keep the CPAP at the same height as your bed to ensure the tubing moves freely and to increase your comfort level. And if your unit has a humidifier, Griffin said it’s important your CPAP is level. If the CPAP unit is tipped to its side, the water may not be able to travel through the unit or may leak out of the fill opening.

Hone in on Harm’s Way

Griffin suggested keeping your CPAP away from an area where something such as a large dog’s tail can knock it over.

“We often see scenarios where the machine has inadvertently gotten knocked off the nightstand by small kids, dogs, etc.,” Griffin said. This can result in damage or complete loss of the machine, as water can enter into the motherboard of the device and short it out.

Because it doesn’t take up much room, Griffin noted it probably won’t be difficult to find the perfect spot for your CPAP. And that will help you enjoy a restful night’s sleep night after night.