Patient Portal 

Welcome to our patient portal where you can easily book hospital appointments, send us a feeback, tell us about your experience with our service ,and suggestions about how we can be better.

You can also download important information brochures, read about your rights, as well as your responsibilities to your healthcare provider in addition to seeing our client list and checking if your HMO works with us.


You can book your appointments here easily from the comfort of your home or office. Book your visits easily and get confirmation of your visits ahead of time.


We work with a wide range of client across various business spheres and industries. Among them we have multinationals including the oil companies, banks, consulting firms and startups.

Feedback Form

We are committed to making our healthcare service work for you and your loved ones. Please share your feedback about our services in order to help make them better.


HMOs List

The Health Insurance industry has come to stay, and health insurance companies also popularly called HMOs, are expanding their scope of coverage to companies, and even retailing to indivuduals.

Information Brochures

Here we have taken time to collate the various resources that you might need ranging from What to Expect in your hospital visit, What to do when preparing for various hospital procedures.

Patient Experience

You have the right to very respectful and compassionate care as a patient, which is why we have introduced a framework for better patient experience.


Patient Responsibilities

Just as you have rights as a patient, it is also important to note that you have responsibilities. These range from those that revolve around fellow patients, to those that involve your healthcare provider.

Patient Rights

Your rights is a list of guarantees for when receiving medical care.  Typically  your bill of rights guarantees accurate, and timely medical information, fair treatment, and autonomy over medical decisions, 


We have taken the time to collate the most frequently asked questions that we get all the time. Go through the list and you might just have that nagging question answered in the list of questions . 

Better Health Care is Our Mission

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